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According to the American Association of Endodontists, over 5 million teeth are knocked out annually in adults and children. When you experience an avulsed or dislodged tooth, it is imperative that you get it treated immediately in order to save your tooth (or teeth).

If you are experiencing pain from a toothache or your tooth has been knocked out of your mouth (avulsed or dislodged tooth) due to an injury or accident, we provide urgent care at our dental office in 11218.

What is an Avulsed Tooth?

When your tooth has been knocked out of its socket completely, that is referred to as an avulsed tooth. A tooth can last out of its mouth for an hour or more. However, it is important that you seek urgent dental care as rapidly as possible. Simply give our office a call and inform us that you are on your way. In the meantime, to help relieve some pain, we recommend placing an ice pack over the affected area to relieve swelling and to you can take over-the-counter pain relief medication.

Our emergency dentist may be able to place your tooth securely back into the socket – if the pulp has not been damaged. Depending on the seriousness of your tooth problem, we may recommend a plastic splint or an orthodontic wire bracket to help keep the tooth firmly in place during the healing process.

If possible, try to place your tooth back into the socket until you’re able to seek dental care or find a dental office in 11218. But, make sure that you keep your tooth moist. Simply place your tooth into a glass of milk or water with a little amount of salt. Keeping your tooth moist will prolong its life. You will more than likely need to undergo a root canal – if the dentist determines that your tooth is able to be saved.

Toothache Pain

Whether it’s mild nagging pain or excruciating pain, a toothache can be the worst kind of pain. Toothaches can be so painful that it can be difficult to focus on simple day-to-day tasks. If you experience tender gums, sensitivity to cold or hot beverages or tooth discoloration, this may be a sign of infection. As a result, root canal therapy will be required in order to get rid of the pain. Another reason why you may be experiencing pain is if a filling has fallen out (or become loose) or if you have developed a cavity. When you need urgent care, our dental office in 11218 is here to provide you with quality dental treatment.


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