Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy

Did you know that the pulp (soft inner tissue) is considered the most vital part of a tooth’s development? In fact, when a tooth is considered thoroughly mature, it can survive on its own without the pulp – mainly because the tooth is nurtured by surrounding tissues (dentin).

Dentin is covered by a protected layer of enamel – located at the top of the gumline. At the bottom of the gumline, dentin is concealed with cementum. Whenever a cavity or a crack within the tooth severs the protected layers, a patient’s mouth is exposed to harmful bacteria. As a result, a person experiences infection, inflammation and an abscess.

When a person experiences gum disease, this can damage the pulp as well. One way to restore the tooth back to health is through endodontic therapy. If a patient has an abscess prior to receiving therapy, it could take a couple of years to heal.

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