Non Surgical Treatments

Non Surgical Treatments

The general rule of thumb for periodontal health is that it should be achieved in the most affordable and least invasive way. The best way to achieve this is through a method referred to as ‘non-surgical periodontal treatment’. Root planing and scaling are also important steps that include the process of cleaning the root surfaces of the tooth, in order to get rid of tartar and plaque, from the deep periodontal pockets. The next step is to smooth the root of the tooth to get rid of bacterial toxins, and adjunctive therapy (host modulation and local delivery antimicrobials).

Following the scaling and root planing process, most patients do not need additional treatment, such as surgical therapy. In some cases, patients will need maintenance therapy in order to maintain good dental health. However, when periodontal health is not achieved then surgery may be needed to help restore the periodontal anatomy that’s damaged due to periodontal disease.

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