Having fresh breath and clean white teeth are just a couple of reasons to brush your teeth regularly. Brushing teeth can actually decrease the chances of developing infections and gum disease. Here are instructions on how to brush your teeth properly:

Step 1: In a 45-degree angle, place toothbrush bristles along the gumline. Make sure the bristles touch the gumline and the surface of the tooth.

Step 2: Brush the exterior tooth surfaces of 2-3 teeth in a gentle vibrating back and forth rolling motion. Then move your way to the next 2-3 teeth in the same manner.

Step 3: Continue brushing teeth in a 45-degree angle. Bristles should contact the tooth surface and gumline. Brush in a back, forth, and rolling motion around inner tooth surfaces gently.

Step 4: Lean brush vertically behind the front set of teeth. Stroke a few times in an up and down motion (use the front half of the toothbrush).

Step 5: Put the toothbrush up against the biting surface of the teeth and gently scrub in a back and forth motion.

Step 6: Place the toothbrush on the tongue and brush from back to front to remove bacteria causing odor.

Make sure you change your toothbrush if it’s older than 3 months. Most people are unaware that harmful bacteria can thrive on toothbrush handles and bristles. Using an old toothbrush can attract various dental infections including: cold sores, the herpes virus and the flu virus.


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