Crown Lengthening

Crown Lengthening

Periodontal treatment is typically available to set the groundwork for cosmetic and restorative dentistry and/or to enhance the visuals of your gum line.

If your teeth appear short and you are tired of having a “gummy” smile, then it’s possible to ask your periodontist about improvements. Some may have teeth that are the proper lengths, but unfortunately, covered with ample gum tissue. Thus, your periodontist can perform crown lengthening to correct this dilemma.

During this regimen, excess bone tissue and gum is reshaped to disclose more natural tooth. This can be achieved for one tooth, a whole gum line or to several teeth to reveal a smile that is natural and broad. A periodontist or dentist can even recommend crown lengthening to make a cosmetic or restorative dental procedure likely. Perhaps your tooth us broken below the gum line, decayed or has deficient tooth structure to restore a bridge or a crown. Crown lengthening adjusts the bone and gum level to reveal more of the tooth for restoration.

What are the benefits of this procedure?

Whether crown lengthening is done to enhance visuals or function, patients normally receive the benefits of a beatific new smile and enhanced periodontal health. That is when you can smile, speak and eat with confidence and comfort.

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