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Avulsed Teeth

When you experience a dental injury, such as having a tooth knocked out of your mouth, it is referred to as avulsed teeth. The way your tooth is stored and the amount of time it has been out of your mouth will have a great effect on the end results. It will also determine the kind of treatment your dentist will prescribe.

With this type of dental injury, it is imperative that you receive immediate treatment. It is imperative that you keep your tooth as moist as possible. Try placing the tooth back into the socket if you can. A knocked out tooth can be salvaged if it is moist. Another way to keep a tooth moist is to place it in water or milk with a dash of salt.

In this case, root canal therapy may be recommended – depending on the stage of your root development.

Dislodged Teeth

Another type of traumatic injury is when a tooth is knocked out of its socket. In this case, a dentist will simply shift and stabilize the tooth. No other treatment will be required – if the pulp isn’t impaired. If it is damaged, root canal treatment may be the only option. Root canal treatment isn’t given right away, it is normally given within a few weeks after the injury. The type of medication that will be used in this procedure is calcium hydroxide. In the future, a root canal filling will be applied to the mouth. Lastly, the canal will be sealed up.

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