The thin plastic coatings that help protect a child’s back teeth from decaying is known as dental sealants. Teeth have one mission and that is to chew up food into tiny particles. During this process, germs and food can get trapped into the tiny grooves of the teeth easily. Have you ever noticed how the back teeth are uneven and rough? When we brush our teeth, food doesn’t always get removed. The purpose of sealants are to fill in the grooves and to keep food particles and germs at bay.

Why are Dental Sealants Needed?

As soon as a child grows in his/her permanent molars, he/she should get dental sealants. It is important that sealants are placed before cavities (decay) develop. That’s not all, it is also very important that children maintain healthy oral hygiene (brushing teeth, flossing, drink fluoridated water, and regular dental appointments). Healthy oral hygiene can help prevent cavities.

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