Tooth Extraction Cost 11219

When it comes time to have a tooth extracted, you can be sure that it will cost. In most cases, the cost will be rather low, but complications can greatly increase the price. Be sure to ask about the tooth extraction cost 11219 before you have the work done.

Saving the Tooth

As a general rule, it is usually better to try and save a tooth, if it is possible. Be sure to ask the dentist about saving it and if there any options. When a tooth is lost, the jawbone under the tooth starts to shrink and this can be as much as 25 percent in width, and height will be lost, too.

In addition, the teeth that are beside the vacancy will slowly move to fill in the gap, causing a misalignment of the teeth. The only way to prevent the movement of the teeth would be to get a dental implant right away.

Tooth Extractions

Smaller teeth usually do not require complex extractions. They can often be removed very easily. It can be done with different kinds of anesthesia, largely depending on the type of extraction and the comfort level of the patient.

The tooth extraction cost 11219 involved with a simple extraction will range between $75 and $300 for each tooth. This price is with local anesthesia, but other kinds will significantly raise the cost. Your part of the cost will be significantly lower if you have dental insurance.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

The extraction of a wisdom tooth can be much more complicated, although some are simple extractions. This is when the tooth has erupted above the gum line.

Complicated extractions involve impacted wisdom teeth. This involves breaking up part of the jaw bone to get to the tooth. Extra care also must be given in people over the age of 35 in order to avoid damaging the nerve that runs very close to the tooth roots. This can cost between $800 and $4,000, with the cost largely depending on where you live and the type of anesthesia needed.

Single wisdom tooth extractions are often conducted under local anesthesia. In cases of multiple wisdom tooth extractions, this surgery is often conducted under general anesthesia but you may be given medications or an IV (or both) to help you relax – called sedation dentistry.

Extra Costs

There may be some other costs, depending on what is needed. The above costs may or may not include the cost of the x-ray, a dental cleaning (if necessary), the cost of any aftercare – including antibiotics and pain medication, and any follow-up work, such as the cost of a crown or dental implant.

Medical Conditions

If you have certain medical conditions, this can also raise the price of an extraction. In some cases, such as if you have an infection, you might be given antibiotics. You will also be told not to smoke before or after an extraction because it will slow the healing process.

Empire Dental NY in Brooklyn, NY, can provide extractions when needed. Our friendly dentists will also help you understand the tooth extraction cost 11219 prior to the surgery. Contact us today for a consultation.


Tooth Extraction Cost 11219

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