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Some pain you can be tolerated. Then there’s the type of pain that is absolutely unbearable, like a persistent toothache. When it comes to a toothache, it can be complicated to figure out what is actually causing the pain. The only way a solution can be determined is if a dentist knows exactly what is causing the pain. There are some type of toothaches that do not require treatment. Then you have toothaches that may require immediate medical treatment.

When is it Time to See a Dentist?

If your toothache last longer than a few days, then you know it is time to see a dentist. A toothache that seems to linger on with pain may be a sign that the tooth is infected.

What is the Cause of a Toothache?

Sometimes the cause of a toothache is apparent and sometimes it is not. The type of tooth pain that is not distinguishable is normally the type of infection that is located on the inside of the tooth within the pulp area. The pulp is described as the area of the tooth that houses the central nerve of the tooth – it is described as the ‘soft interior’ of the tooth.

The type of tooth infection that is apparent is the kind that is caused by poor dental hygiene. Those who fail to maintain proper oral care tend to experience bacteria and plaque buildup. A dental professional can clearly recognize the cause of the problem because it affects the external portion of the gum area or the tooth enamel.

When the pulp area is infected, a person experiences extreme tooth pain. At this point, it is time to see a dentist. In this case, a root canal dentist 11204 will need to perform a root canal.

During the dental appointment, the root canal dentist 11204 will need to drill a hole into the infected tooth in order to extract the bacteria, the elements of the pulp chamber, and the infected nerve. In some cases, the doctor will need to schedule another appointment if he/she is unable to close the opening of the infected tooth

The root canal dentist 11204 will need to place a cap on the hollowed tooth following the final root canal procedure. After this procedure has been performed, you will feel relief from your pain. In fact, you will no longer feel any tooth pain associated with the pulp chamber infection.

People who avoid going to the dentist often have negative thoughts about a root canal procedure. In reality, the process is easy and it is a great solution to a patient’s tooth problem. Following surgery, the patient’s tooth goes back to its normal function. Upon completion of a root canal, you won’t even notice the difference between a tooth that has been treated from a tooth that has been untreated. At Empire Dental NY, our trained dental professionals are known for completing root canal surgery within a quick time-frame and with reduced pain.

Root Canal Dentist 11204
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