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It is always preferable to have easy access to healthcare services. When possible, most people try to settle in places where they have access to good healthcare providers and reputable doctors. Families, in particular, often make decisions on where to live and work based on their proximity to healthcare professionals.

With that being said, some healthcare services are more important than others. Most families prefer to have immediate access to emergency care and quality physician services. In general, people try to locate near medical services that they will frequently use.

Almost all people live within reasonable distance of a practicing pharmacist but not many people live within reasonable distance of a practicing endocrinologist. One reason for this discrepancy is that the services of a pharmacist are required far more often than the services of an endocrinologist.

Healthcare shouldn’t have to interrupt life. For those people who practice proper dental hygiene, it is not important to be located immediately near a dentist because they will likely only have to visit their dentist for sporadic regular check-ups.

The case of orthodontic medicine, however, is different. It is crucially important to have access to a nearby orthodontist in 11228 to ensure that orthodontic healthcare does not unduly interrupt life. Unlike general dentistry, orthodontic dentistry is sometimes practices very regularly. People who are using orthodontic devices such as braces or retainers have to visit their orthodontists frequently for adjustments.

Orthodontists are specially trained to correct problems with the teeth and jaw. Often, dentists will refer their patients to orthodontists if they are concerned that the patients have irregularities or structural problems with their teeth or jaw. When an orthodontist first meets with a new patient, they examine the shape and orientation of the patient’s teeth and jaw. If the orthodontist determines that an irregularity or problem exists, they will then advise the patient on a number of options.

At Empire Dental NY, our nearby orthodontists in 11228 are specially trained to recognize and recommend orthodontic solutions to problems with the teeth or jaw. The primary means by which an orthodontist corrects orthodontic problems is prescription orthodontic device to the patient. Often, these pieces of orthodontic hardware are implanted into the mouth temporarily in order to mechanically alter the structure of the teeth or jaw.

Most pieces of orthodontic equipment are fitted into the patient’s mouth by means of a molding process. Patients typically most visit their orthodontist to take a mold for their piece of orthodontic equipment before they come in to get the equipment installed. Due to the multi-step nature of this orthodontic process, it is extremely helpful to visit a nearby orthodontist to minimize the amount of disruption caused by frequent visits to the orthodontist.

Some examples of common pieces of orthodontic equipment include dental braces and retainers. Braces are applied to the patient’s teeth and require regular adjustment and tuning. Furthermore, damage to brackets that secure braces to the patient’s teeth require frequent repair. For both of these reasons, it is incredibly helpful for patients who have braces to have access to nearby orthodontists in 11228. Similarly, retainers are fitted into patients’ mouths after their initial molding, and then they are resized frequently according to the ultimate goals of the orthodontic work. Again, it is helpful for patients who want to use retainers to use nearby orthodontists for convenience.

At Empire Dental NY, we have nearby orthodontists who can create orthodontic solutions in a convenient, nearby atmosphere. No matter what orthodontic procedure suits the condition of you or your loved one, the team of nearby orthodontists here at Empire Dental NY can get your mouth and jaw the help they need without forcing you to travel a great distance or suffer any great inconvenience.


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